What is a dependent node?

⚠️ Since MCC v2 communication with external nodes is implemented using tunnels. Communication mechanism is the same as before, only the configuration has changed.

Dependent node is a node that does not run Staex, but is a part of Staex network. Such a node has its own address in Staex network, but otherwise depend on its parent node that runs Staex. The parent does routing, encryption and everything else on its behalf, i.e. using their public and private keys.

It is impossible to encrypt the traffic between the parent and its dependent, hence we allow only nodes in the same local network to be dependents.

A dependent node can only send traffic to Staex network in response to the traffic that came from this network.

Microcontroller-based devices that speak IPv4 are good candidates for dependent nodes: IP cameras, network printers and scanners, smart meters, smart light bulbs etc.

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