What is a tunnel?

Networks, nodes and tunnels.

A tunnel is a secure communication channel between two endpoints. There are client and server endpoints. Each endpoint is associated with a unique pair of private and public keys, that are used to encrypt the data sent over the tunnel.

A tunnel defines the list of protocol/port pairs that constrain the communication to the specified protocol and port pairs.

In addition to that server endpoint might be associated with a list of DNS names and a static IP address.

Finally, the server endpoint might be located outside MCC network under local IP address. In this case the traffic is forwarded to this address upon reaching the MCC node where the server endpoint is defined. In this case the traffic is encrypted until the server endpoint, after that it is sent in the original form over the local network.

Microcontroller-based devices that speak IPv4 are good candidates for such external endpoints: IP cameras, network printers and scanners, smart meters, smart light bulbs etc.

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