Client command line usage

The client (mcc) is used to interact with the daemon (mccd). It is installed on every node in the network.

General options

-s /tmp/.mcc-socket
--unix /tmp/.mcc-socket

The daemon's UNIX socket path. The client uses this socket to talk to the daemon.


mcc --help

Print help.

mcc --version

Print MCC version.

mcc id

Get current node's ID.

mcc parent

Get parent node's socket address (ip:port).

mcc health

Get MCC daemon health status. Exit code 0 means success, otherwise failure.

mcc resolve [options] address

Resolve between node IDs, IPv4/IPv6 addresses, and MAC addresses.

-t format
--target-format format

The address format into which you want to resolve node ID. Possible values: ipv4, ipv6, mac6, node-id. The default is ipv4.


The IPv4/IPv6/MAC address or node ID that you want to resolve.

mcc route destination [source]

Get the route to the specified node. The nodes are defined by their IDs.


Destination node ID.


Source node ID.

mcc generate-node-certificate [options] [output-directory]

Generate node certificate and private key. This is alternative way of provisioning the nodes that does not require using self-service portal. Easy to automate with IaC tools.

-p /etc/mcc/network-certificate.txt
--parent /etc/mcc/network-certificate.txt

Path to your network certificate.


Read network private key from standard input.


Output directory (default is /etc/mcc).

mcc generate-dependent-node-certificate [options] ipv4-address [output-directory]

Generate dependent node certificate and private key.

-p /etc/mcc/network-certificate.txt
--parent /etc/mcc/network-certificate.txt

Path to your network certificate.


Read network private key from standard input.


Comma-separated list of DNS names associated with the node.


Static IP address of this node in overlay network.


IPv4 address outside MCC network to which the traffic will be directed. Only addresses from private networks (RFC 1918) are allowed here.


Output directory (default is /etc/mcc/dependent-nodes).

mcc certificates [configuration-file]

Show the current certificates.

configuration file

Configuration file (default is /etc/mcc/mcc.conf).

mcc nodes [options]

Show known nodes in table or graph format.

-f table
--output-format table

Output format. Possible values: table, graphviz. Default is table.

mcc apply-forwarding-rules [options] file

Safely replace existing rules with forwarding rules from the specified file. This command interactively asks for the confirmation after the new rules are applied. If the answer is not received (because your SSH connection dropped), the rules are reverted after a timeout.

mcc help [subcommand]

Print help of the given subcommand.

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