NSS module usage

Name Service Switch (NSS) module is used to integrate node IDs and DNS names into the system. The module is supplied for all GNU C library-based Linux distributions (currently all Linux distributions that we support except OpenWRT).

After you install mcc package the module is added to /etc/nsswitch.conf file. You can check that the module was added correctly with the following command.

grep mcc /etc/nsswitch.conf

The command should output a line similar to the following.

hosts:      files mcc [SUCCESS=return] dns

Note the mcc [SUCCESS=return] in the output. This particular line means that the system first looks DNS name in files (/etc/hosts), then calls mcc module, then contacts pre-configured DNS servers (/etc/resolv.conf). If mcc module returns positive answer, the rest modules are skipped.

Environment variables

NSS module is configured via environment variables. Since the module is loaded to any binary that tries to resolve DNS names, you have to put this variable in the configuration of every daemon that needs DNS name resolution. It is often easier to just use the default values.


Specify UNIX socket path. Default is /tmp/.mcc-socket.

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