StaexWeb configuration file

This file is located under /etc/staex-web/staex-web.conf path by default. To override the path pass the new one as the argument to staex-web.

log-level = info

Log verbosity level. Possible values: off, error, warn, info, debug, trace.

password-file = password.txt

Password file that contains hashed password. The path is relative to the configuration directory.

valid-users = staex

Users that are allowed to log in with the password from the password-file.

http-listen =

HTTPS server listen address and port (ip:port).

static-files-path = /usr/share/staex-web/www

Web root directory.

pre-session-timeout = 1h

Pre-session timeout.

max-pre-sessions = 999

Max. no of pre-sessions.

session-timeout = 1h

Session timeout.

max-sessions = 999

Max. no of sessions.

mcc-config-dir = /etc/mcc

MCC configuration directory. The same directory should be specified as mccd argument.

mcc-restart-command = systemctl restart mcc
mcc-restart-command = /etc/init.d/mcc restart
mcc-restart-command = launchctl stop io.staex.mcc

MCC restart command. A different command is used by default for each platform.