Forwarding rules configuration file

This file is located under /etc/mcc/forwarding-rules.conf path by default. To override the path use forwarding-rules property in the main configuration file.

bridge network-public-key network-public-key-2 ...

Bridge one or more networks specified by their public keys. Network public key is displayed in the self-service portal. The bridge allows forwarding any packets between specified networks.

If no rules are specified in the configuration file, forwarding is enabled between all networks. It is like having a bridge that includes all networks.

If at least one rule is specified, then forwarding is only enabled between the networks specified in the bridge rules. You have to specify the bridge rule with one public key if you want to forward the traffic within the corresponding network.

port from PORT1 to IP:PORT2 protocol PROTOCOL

This rule forwards port PORT1 from the local node to port PORT2 on another node. IP address must belong to MCC network. Protocol can be tcp or udp.

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